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Consulting on Security Related Issues

Bedrock will consult with your organization on a variety of security related issues. We will examine vulnerabilities in physical security and conduct both threat assessment and risk analysis. At the conclusion of a security audit, we will provide recommendations and a range of solutions that take into account our client’s organizational culture and budget as well as security best practices. We will also provide specific guidance on security equipment and procedures, including access control and emergency communication.


It’s Not Fireworks in the Daytime

Saturday’s tragic mass shooting in Allen, Texas highlights the critical importance of situational awareness. When...

Reinforcement of Perimeter Glass Critical for Building Security

The tragic mass shooting at The Convent School in Nashville, TN on March 27, once...

Recent Alarming Increase in “Swatting” Incidents Across the Country

On April 4th, more than 50 school districts across New York were targeted by mass...

Emergency Preparedness Gadgets We Like

We like these products that are low cost, easy to store and portable: Crank Radio...

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