It’s Not Fireworks in the Daytime

Saturday’s tragic mass shooting in Allen, Texas highlights the critical importance of situational awareness. When public places become scenes of... MORE >

Reinforcement of Perimeter Glass Critical for Building Security

The tragic mass shooting at The Convent School in Nashville, TN on March 27, once again demonstrated the random and... MORE >

Recent Alarming Increase in “Swatting” Incidents Across the Country

On April 4th, more than 50 school districts across New York were targeted by mass “swatting” threats.  The April 4th... MORE >

Emergency Preparedness Gadgets We Like

We like these products that are low cost, easy to store and portable: Crank Radio (includes flashlight and charger) Solar... MORE >

Hawai’i False Alarm Highlights Need For Planning

A false ballistic missile warning sent in Hawaii on Saturday terrified thousands and magnified how few people were prepared to respond.... MORE >

Quick thinking and lockdown saved lives

Quick thinking on behalf of elementary school administrators saved the lives of countless children at a Northern California elementary school on... MORE >

School Shooting Near Spokane, WA Underscores Need for Regular Lockdown...

On September 13th, 2017 one student died and three others were injured in a shooting at Freeman High School near... MORE >

Shooter Known to Staff at San Bernadino, CA school

On April 10, 2017, a murder-suicide inside a San Bernardino Elementary School classroom tragically led to the death of an... MORE >

Top 5 Best Practices in School Security

Top 5 Best Practices in school security dictate that every school: Review and update your emergency protocol annually Train faculty... MORE >

Greenwich, CT school lockdown important reminder to review emergency protocol

On March 30, Greenwich High School in Greenwich, CT went into lockdown for several hours after the discovery of a specific... MORE >

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