We like these products that are low cost, easy to store and portable:
  1. Crank Radio (includes flashlight and charger)
  2. Solar Powered Phone Charger
  3. Waterproof Lantern
  4. Inflatable lantern with phone charger
  5. https://luminaid.com/products/packlite-max-phone-charger
  6. Fox whistle for skiing/hiking/beach
  7. First Aid Kit

A false ballistic missile warning sent in Hawaii on Saturday terrified thousands and magnified how few people were prepared to respond.  Many residents reported being shocked hearing a real alert.  Most people had no idea where to go or what to do and were left only to panic.

The incident serves as an important reminder to make sure you have an emergency plan.  

The thought of a missile attack is terrifying with or without an emergency plan in place, but a plan gives concrete steps to follow in the event of a crisis.  Adults and children alike feel more secure and can handle the ensuing panic when they have already contemplated what to do in an emergency.

Do you know what you would you do in a natural disaster, terrorist attack or other major emergency in your city?  Given recent natural disasters, and our changing world climate, emergency preparedness is key.  

It has been proven that imagining and practicing stressful situations can give you the mental confidence to respond and survive.  A few simple steps, such as packing a Go Bag and planning where you will go and how you will communicate, will give your school, business or family the tools you need to stay safe.

Learn more about emergency planning HERE

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